Holy Home Sweet Home, Batman!: An Ultra-Impressive Batman LEGO Diorama

July 13, 2011


I can't think "diorama" without thinking "diarrhea", but that's probably just the 7-11 breakfast burrito talking. *BRAP!* Okay now that definitely was. "What'd it say?" Ha, what'd it say -- you're sick. It said, "I'mma set a new record for the GW Mouth to Ass marathon." But I digest, this is a super impressive Batman LEGO diorama built by Flickr user Orion Pax.

Always felt like doing something with all the collected Batman stuff.

So i did.
Approximatly 8000 - 9000 parts been terminated to build the cave.

68 bricks in height.
The base is 40 x 40 studs.

The Batman figure is again scaled up with Woody´s legs and arms painted black.

In the back there is a neon lamp to light up the cave.

Took me about a week to get this done.

Good lookin', Orion. No word if there's a secret sex dungeon somewhere, but if I had to guess I'd say Robin has his little bathole-tickling fingers crossed.

Hit the jump for some detail shots, but be sure to check out Orion's Flickr for some nice high-res versions and a ton of other builds (INCLUDING A MONKEY ISLAND ONE!!!1).









Orion Pax's Flickr (with a ton of other worthwhile builds including some Back to the Future, Ghostbusters and He-Man).

Thanks to Timothy, who once lured Catwoman onto his porch with a can of wet cat food.

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