Harry Potter Premiere's Burnt Hogwarts Cake

July 12, 2011


SPOILER: Burnt Hogwarts.

Because everyone's beating their wienerly wands into a frenzy about the final Harry Potter film being released this week, here's the Charm City (of 'Ace of Cakes' fame) commissioned Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry cake made for the NYC premiere. Unfortunately, they made almost an identical cake back in 2008 for the release of Order of the Phoenix, so that's a -4 for originality. No word on what it tasted like, but my guess is straight ass. Fondant: it's not magical. Just sayin', you'd probably be better off downing a bowl of Lucky Charms with sprinkles in strawberry milk. Now that -- that's magical. Also what I eat when I'm stoned.

Hit the jump for another shot sans dramatic lighting, along with links to higher res versions in case you like your fondant up close and personal. I SAID SMASH IT IN MY FACE LIKE WE WERE JUST MARRIED.


Higher-res versions HERE and HERE in case you want to torture yourself with a cakey computer wallpaper despite being on a diet.

Charm City Cakes on Facebook
Here's a Photo of Duff Goldman's Harry Potter Premiere Cake [eater]

Thanks to Sara, who just says fondon't to fondant. Hey I'm with you -- I'M AN ICING MAN. Also: ass.

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