Water Jetpack Fail On Morning News Show

July 15, 2011


This is a brief clip from the Fox 5 San Diego morning news (the same studio from this April Fools' prank) of a guy opening the show with one of those water-powered jetpacks. Unfortunately, he opted to not take the training course prior to operation and ends up crashing into the dock. Theeeeeeeen the entire news studio laughs at him. Needless to say, Captain Woopsie Daisy won't be getting his water wings pin anytime soon.

Hit the jump for the woopsie-daisy in action. Also, Kevin Jonas: when we get our hands on one of these things, you get to go first.


Thanks to Ksurfiws, who agrees it's not a real watersport if there's not a chance of running into a dock and hurting yourself.

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