GLaDOS Singing Portal 2's 'Want You Gone'

July 6, 2011


SPOILER ALERT: My milk this morning was chunky and I vomited video contains basically the entire end of the game.

This is a music video created by Pedro Calvo of GLaDOS singing Portal 2's catchy ending credits ditty 'Want You Gone', spliced together with relevant homemade animations. Not gonna lie, it's worlds better than anything you'd see on MTV these days. *turns on television* GAH! *smashes television* Woopsie. Thank God I'm working from Best Buy today, amirite? Geek Squad, GEEK SQUAD! Call me if you need me, I'll be in the back preinstalling gay porn on laptops.

Hit the jump for the 'gonna be stuck in you head all day'. Unless...
♫ Chocolate rain, somethin' somethin' somethin' fudge is good ♫
No need to thank me.


Thanks to Ferrous, the REAL Iron Man. You hear that, Tinny Stark?! He could punch a hole through your ass with a screwdriver!

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