Packing Tape, You're Our Only Hope: Guy Builds Gigantic Cardboard R2-D2

July 14, 2011


Make up your f***ing mind -- is this or is this not the droid you're looking for?!

Starwars superfan Len Komanak went and built himself a giant cardboard R2-D2 out of a whole bunch of large appliance boxes (where'd you get those -- I'm always looking for those things!). Hey, as long as there's no C-3PO, I'm cool with it. Could you even imagine that guy with a bigger mouth? I can. Also: me driving a tanker truck full of gasoline into it and jumping out at the last second. "Whoa -- I didn't know the Geekologie Writer was an action movie star!" Haha, I'm not -- only an adult one. *droppin' money maker like a circuit breaker*

Len was kind enough to send us a list of the materials he used to complete his masterpiece: 4 fridge boxes, 5 AC boxes, 3 dryer boxes, 3 rolls of blue duct tape, 1 roll of aluminum tape, 52 glue sticks, 1 can of white paint and 2 sharpie pens. He worked on it for 50 hours. This supersized version of R2D2 will be showcased at the "Dr. StrangeLen or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Make the Art" exhibit, in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, so if you're in the area between July 16 and September 2nd, don't miss the chance to check it out.

Personally, I would have made a human-sized Habitrail to crawl around in with all those boxes, but that's just me and I still make pillow forts. "OMG me too -- we should totally have a sleep over!" Good idea, I'll be over at six. Just a heads up though -- I can only stay till like, October, November at the latest.

Hit the jump for a bunch of detail shots, plus a bonus shot of R2 cruising for droid ladies in the back of his master's superfast minivan (you can tell it's fast because of the blue flames).






Star Wars Fan Builds Giant R2D2 Model
Len's Flickr

Thanks to Steph, who smoked weed in a giant cardboard droid before and says she was always afraid of it catching fire and being burned alive.

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