GAH!: Creepy 3-D Printed Doppelganger Dolls

July 27, 2011

You do realize that thing's just a lock of hair, drop of blood and piece of worn clothing away from a functional voodoo doll of yourself, right?

Are you in the market for a creepy 3-D printed 20" Barbie doll of yourself? Because guess what? You're also in the market for a mouthful of Geekologie Writer fist if you are. THIS SHIT AIN'T RIGHT. But, for $1,750, the CloneFactory will make you one anyways, using a 3-D printer that both cuts your head AND paints it in one fell swoop. The future is now, folks, and we're living in. But your two grand doesn't stop there -- oh no -- they'll also make your doppelganger a complete custom-made outfit of your choosing. "I want a ballerina dress!" We know you do, Derrek, we know you do. Derrek's my roommate by the way. That or an imaginary friend, it's hard to tell. Not that there's a difference anyway! Get it? Because you secretly hate all your roommates.

Hit the jump for a couple more examples and a video of the process and some more finished products.




Human Cloning in Japan [dannychoo]
CloneFactory Can Make An Unsettling Doll That Looks Like You [laughingsquid]
3D cloning shop gives you the most realistic twin you can buy [dvice]

Thanks to the people who sent this to me whose emails I've since deleted not expected a server crash, who're all convinced if you ever see your doppelganger IRL you both vanish into thin air. HA! I don't know who told you that, but it's 100% true. BE AFRAID.

  • Awesome, I am quite impressed to see these pictures of 3-D printed doppelganger dolls. All these dolls faces looks like original. You have done a great job there mate, I liked it a lot. I think the 3-D printed doppelganger dolls are very difficult to make.

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