For Shame: The $8-Million Dino Bone iPad 2

July 27, 2011


This is the £5,000,000 (~$8.2M) dino bone/diamond & gold "History Edition" iPad 2 from purveyors of gaudy, ungodly expensive shit, Stuart Hughes. Presumably it's just a mock-up though because you'd have to be preeeeeetty f***ing stupid to have already made one of something that nobody's gonna buy. *eyes own homemade diamond & gold HD-DVD player* I dun goofed :/ Product highlights:

Encrusted with 12.5 cts of 'I'F' Flawless diamonds, a magnificent total of 53 individually set sparkling gems dwell beautifully in solid 24ct Apple logo with rear section formed again in 24ct gold weighing an immense 2,000 grams. The unrivalled imagination towards the craftsmanship of the iapd [LOLOL!!] is down to its main front frame which is made from the oldest rock the world has to offer in the form of Ammolite , sourced from Canada this stone is over 75 million years old. However to make this masterpiece even more individual, sections of a 65 million year old T-REX Dinosaur's thigh bone was splintered and then shaved into the Ammolite , then finished off with ultimate jewel , as single cut 8.5ct flawless diamond inlaid in its own platinum surround with 12 outer flawless diamonds.

Whoa whoa whoa -- THEY USED A T-REX THIGH BONE?!?! WTF!! I've been trying to get my hands (read: penises) on (read: between) two of those for like, 65-million years. Or, okay, since Jurassic Park came out in theaters. You were so close, Dr. Alan Grant! You could've had that.

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Thanks to Dan, who likes his iPads how he likes his cheese-fries: not covered in expensive shit. No truffle oil for this guy!

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