First (Commercially Available, Street & Sky Legal) Flying Car Is Cleared For Takeoff!!!1

July 6, 2011


Cleared for takeoff -- get it?! Because that's what they do to planes at the airport or whatever SHIT I DON'T KNOW, I'M NOT A TERRORIST. So yeah, the Terrafugia Transition flying car -- literally, a car with folding wings than can fly, has received the last approval necessary to be delivered to pre-orderers sometime next year. *considers moving to a 1st floor apartment*

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently granted special exemptions for the Transition "roadable aircraft."

The NHTSA stipulations involve the type of tires and windscreen the Transition will use as a land vehicle. The tires are rated for highway speeds and the windshield will be made of polycarbonate materials instead of automotive safety glass to save weight and prevent shattering in a bird strike.

Terrafugia says the Transition, which notched its maiden flight in 2009, is "the first (light airplane) to incorporate automotive safety features such as a purpose-built energy absorbing crumple zone, a rigid carbon fiber occupant safety cage, and automotive-style driver and passenger airbags."

Sure it's a step in the right direction, it's just not a very big one. It's like baby stepping up to a crack to avoid breaking your mother's back when you should be leaping over that shit with gusto. So, yeah, a crappy car when you're driving it, and a crappy plane when you're flying it. The future, ladies and gentlemen -- the future!

Buckle up! Terrafugia flying car approved for roads [cnet]

Thanks to Becca and Pat, who are all 'George Jetson or GTFO'. Hey I'm with you.

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