Faceybooks: Now With More Video Chat

July 6, 2011


Because if there's one thing my life's been missing, it's direction people I went to middle school with, bored out of their f***ing minds and deciding to video-chat me to catch up on the past 18 years. Thankfully, Facebook now has a video-calling option. I swear, I am like, five-seconds away from deleting my Facebook. The only reason I keep it around anyways is so I can log in to maintain the Geekologie page. Well, that and to see how fat and ugly the girls that turned me down to prom have gotten. HAHA -- NOT SO HOT NOW, ARE YOU CINDY?! I hope she f***ing reads this.

Geekologie's Facebook Page
which is way more important than
Facebook's Intro to Video Calling (requires a small 400k download)

Thanks again to Ferrous, who, for two tips in a day, gets two shoutouts. Funny how that works.

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