Of Course: Fake Apple Store Pops Up In China

July 20, 2011


If it wasn't spoiled it in the title, would you have been able to tell this was a fake Apple store? I could have. The moobs tell all. They're saying, "hey Geekologie Writer -- just imagine us covered in melted butter." Gosh it's hard not to!

These photos were taken by a pair of Americans who stumbled on this store in southwestern China. It looked like an Apple store, had display material consistent with an Apple store and the employees even believed they worked for an Apple store. But it's fake, fake, fake.

There's several more pictures of the store after the jump, but no word if they're selling real Apple products at a markup, or just hocking fake products all around. Then I remembered it's China.

Hit the jump for the others.






Fake Chinese Apple Store Looks Amazingly Real [gizmodo]

Thanks to Ron, who saw an employee at the "Genius" Bar licking his keyboard.

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