DOES NOT BELONG: Nipple Grows On Foot

July 19, 2011


Give it to me straight -- does it act like a spring when you jump?

Never met a nipple you didn't like? THINK AGAIN. Just a brief fifteen minutes ago I would have said the same thing, and I've licked some that looked like hairy freeze dried strawberries. My own, I'm talking about my own. "You're sick." Am I? *trying to touch tongue to nip without breaking eye contact*

Up to five per cent of people are thought to suffer from the condition although most extra nipples tend to be located above the waist.

Featuring in a report in scientific journal Dermatology Online, researchers believe that the unusual positioning of the four centimetres in diameter nipple may mean it is completely unique.

"Fat tissue was noted at the base of the lesion. Clinical and histopathologic findings were consistent with the diagnosis of supernumerary breast tissue, also known as pseudomamma."

Speaking of 'pseudomammas' -- a guy wearing makeup and a fat suit in order to gain access to the changing rooms at the maternity store.. See what I did there? It's called word-play folks, and it's even better than foreplay. Jk jk, way worse than foreplay but I take what I can get. Right now it's a lot of crossword puzzle books.

Uncensored version of the above shot HERE and a closeup HERE but I strongly encourage you all to be strong and not click them. I got sick editing the pictures, no lie.

Nipple discovered on woman's foot [mirror]

Thanks to dr venkman and Sarah, but not really because I am so so sooooooooooo not into this.

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