McDonald's WiFi: The Mac Versus PC Guide

July 28, 2011


Note: Slightly larger version HERE in case you're at McDonalds right now and struggling to connect to the internet to read Geekologie. But I know that's not the case, because then how would be reading this? "On my phone, dummy." Damn you rude!

This is the instruction card provided by McDonalds of how to connect to their free WiFi. As you can see, things look a little simpler for Mac users. Granted I've actually written Geekologie from a McDonalds before (I DIDN'T SAY I'M F***ING PROUD ABOUT IT) on a PC, and it's pretty damn intuitive unless you're a grandma. And, if you are a grandma, well, you're probably not surfing the internet at McDonalds anyways. "Speak for yourself, sonny-boy, this gramma is hip!" No, you're not. And to prove it, I'mma eat your nuggets. Awh shit nana is that a McFlurry?!

Mac vs. PC via McDonald's Wi-Fi guide [cnet]

Thanks to Craig, who doesn't care about the Mac vs. PC debate but will fly off the handle if you try to say BK's WiFi is better than McDonalds'.

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