China Claims World's Longest Ocean Bridge

July 1, 2011


Pissed Japan stole back the honor of housing the world's fastest supercomputer, China answered back this Thursday (apples to oranges style) by opening the world's longest sea-bridge, at a staggering 26.4 miles. That...sounds like a terrible f***ing place to run out of gas.

The Jiaozhou Bay bridge in China took more than four years to build.

It links China's eastern port city of Qingdao to Huangdao island.

"The earthquake- and typhoon-proof bridge ... is designed to withstand the impact of a 300,000-ton vessel," Guinness said.

About 81 million cubic feet of concrete was reportedly used -- enough to fill 3,800 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Well thank God they converted millions of cubic feet to Olympic-sized swimming pools, amirite?! Because otherwise all that concrete would hard to imagine.

A marathon span: China opens world's longest bridge over water [msnbc]

Thanks to bb, who knows I get all sweaty-palmed and like to close my eyes whenever driving across bridges.

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