But He Was Bald: A Darth Vader Hairdryer

July 5, 2011


Because there's LITERALLY F***ING ZERO Star Wars merchandise George Lucas won't license if you line his pockets enough, here's a hairdryer styled after Darth Vader's iconic mask. It's perfect for the person that's been hoping to add a little Star Wars flair to their bathroom, but is afraid a C-3PO electric toothbrush will just make them look desperate (and it will). Plus your girlfriend's gonna loooooooove this thing.

"This is a hair dryer, I asked for a hair straightener. Does this look like a CHI to you?"
"But baby -- it's the Vade."
"I guess you didn't want to see me in those Leia hairbuns after all."
They sell CHI's at that mall kiosk, right? If I park in a fountain I can be back in 20.

Hit the jump in case you simply can't live the rest of your life without seeing the back of a conceptual Darth Vader hairdryer.


Dart Hairdryer [behance]
Darth Vader hair dryer is to dry for [dvice]

Thanks to Rebecca, who dries her hair the old fashioned way: with a well-trained fire dragon. OMG sooooooooo jelly!

  • Did you know that your epidermis and wild hair are last in line for nutrients? So if your eating habits regime plan is missing, it will show here first.

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