Bringing A Gun To A Paper Fight: Idiot Moron Shoots Himself During Duel With Paper Target

July 12, 2011


Note: Video is NSFW -- I just shot myself in the leg language.

Seen here showing everyone online how things are done at the NO.K. Corral, Wyatt Derp blasts himself in the leg dueling a paper target. To his credit though, that target did kill a man earlier the same day, so Doc Hollowleg knew he had to be quick. Unfortunately, Yosemite Shame was so trigger happy he couldn't even wait TILL HE WASN'T AIMED AT HIMSELF to shoot. And the rest, my gunslinging friends, is knee-reconstructive history. (In my mind it was the first case of doctors purposefully installing a knee backwards to teach some dumbf*** a lesson)

Hit the jump for dude's official gun-privilege revocation evidence, plus bonus "I'm the only one in this room professional enough to handle a gun" guy in case you're new to the internet.

UPDATE: Added unedited video of guy explaining 'negligent discharges' and showing his booboo.

LOL@ "I. just. f***ing. shot. myself." Oh we could tell!

The Perfect Thing To Say When You Accidentally Shoot Yourself In The Leg [dlisted]

Thanks to bb, who -- I'm your huckleberry. TOMBSTONE FTW!

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