Blowing Chunks:121-Degree Rollercoaster Fall

July 10, 2011


Fun for the whole family! (except children under 48")

This is a picture of Japan's new Takabisha roller coaster at the Fuji-Q (NOT Suzie-Q) Highland amusement park near Mount Fuji. It features a 121-degree drop so, not only will you be ejected from your seat, but hit by the coaster car afterward. You hear that, Disneyland?! There's a new happiest place on earth AND IT'S CALLED HEAVEN.

...the Takabisha roller coaster boasts the world's steepest freefall: A gut-melting 121 degrees capable of inducing g-force levels equivalent to those experienced by fighter pilots.

The 141-foot, 62mph drop is merely the cherry that tops a 2-mile-long roller coaster cake filled with seven major twists and turns

Count me in -- I f***ing looooooove puking. Helps remind me I'm alive. Also, that I boozed as hard as I could. GO BIG OR GO HOME! Ooooooooor to the hospital to get my stomach pumped. That charcoal taste is growing on me.

Hit the jump for two videos of the dizziness. The first from the ground, the second from the front seat. Now I don't feel so good.

Ridiculous Roller Coaster of the Day []

Thanks to Alan, who actually invented a roller coaster that hangs you upside down like a bat the entire ride and will kill every single passenger.

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