Beating The Heat (Oooooor Shaking A Can): Japanese Aerosol Cooling Foam

July 8, 2011


Japanese cooling foam: it may look like dried shaving cream, but it's not. It's cooling foam. It makes you feel cold. Also: telling someone you don't love them. *shivers* Mmmm -- plus it's cheaper. *admiring new dime-sized nips*

Products such as these are not new, but we have seen a boom in demand for them this summer with the idea of "setsuden" (energy saving) becoming more imminent in Japanese people's everyday lives.

Products such as "Hokkyoku Monogatari" (directly translated: Tales of the North Pole) offer a whole new method of cooling down in an interesting way. Not only are they convenient, they can be transformed into anything, ranging from a icy wristwatch to graffiti sprayed onto one's body. The blue foam feels like a giant ball of confetti and as they squeeze it, the air bubbles expand and then "pop," releasing a refreshing breeze of cool air.

Now, I already know the question on everybody's mind: but is it edible? Thankfully they sent me a can, so here goes nothing! *PSSSHHHHHHH* Not bad. I'm kidding, I'm kidding! *peels off label* Look -- I just took the label off a cooling foam and stuck it on a can of spray cheese! "Yeaaaaah, that says ant and roach killer." Oh shi-shi.

Hit the jump for a video demo if you're into that (I am sooooooo into that).

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Thanks to Carmen, who I saw with the Devil walking side by side. I said, "Hey Carmen, come on, let's go downtown''. She said "I gotta go, but my friend can stick around''. SORRY I COULDN'T RESIST! It was that or something about a red coat and San Diego.

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