Batman 'The Last Laugh': A Super Impressive 15-Minute Batman Fan-Film

July 28, 2011


The title says it all. It's a well-made 15-minute Batman fan film that Geekologie Reader Alex U.'s friends made. It's got everything: costumes, decent cinematography, special effects, stunts, and choreographed fight scenes. Plus a twist ending! Now I don't want to ruin it for you, but I will say this: it doesn't involve realizing you're dead and you've been talking to a ghost-whispering child the entire movie. "Jesus GW, what else does that leave?!" Leia is Luke's sister and Darth Vader is their father!

Hit the jump and blow 15-minutes on the clock -- GW's orders. If your boss has a problem with tell him to leave a comment and I'll call him a troll straight to his tits.



Thanks to Alex, who may have even been a key grip or gaffer on the set, who knows.

  • James Dreger

    AWESOME choreography (although there were a few too many random acrobatics/flips for no reason) and general moviemaking,
    but they need to improve their writing. It wasn't bad, per se, but it
    would've been better if the main characters, ya know, said something. Go
    ahead and have the actors do their own interpretations (like Penguin/Harley did) instead of trying to match
    old versions (I assume that's why Batman didn't talk/Joker only
    "laughed"). The people on the road pointing? you could tell they were
    pretending to talk; just have them actually talk. And the whole "I guess
    our plan worked, Mister J" was too... blunt. When we see the same girl
    wearing typical H.Q. attire, we can figure it out ourselves. Keep in
    mind this is supposed to be constructive criticism, hence why it's so
    negative. Still better than TDKR. Overall I'll give it 8/10.

  • Dawn Owen

    For a fan-film, this was enjoyable. My hats off to the production team and the great actors....well bloody done...

  • the plot was pretty eh, as Batman would not have put himself in half of those situations, that and he is the world's greatest detective, he would have seen through that plan no question. The production value was incredibly good though. Loved the stunt work and the costumes (the batcycle was amusingly slow, but you work with what you've got), and the Joker laugh was pretty decent. All in all 7/10 (arbitrary grading system ahoy!) 

  • alphabetamale

    Terrible,derivative, and BTW, was batman on a rascal scooter tricked out to look like a bat cycle or was he going through a school zone? Seriously could he be moving any slower? Plot makes no sense. Joker captures Batman Adam West style ties him up and doesn't kill him? Really didn't need the ugly lady decoy.Heres a plan stop making fan films and get a life.

  • Van

    My question is why would the Joker want to kidnap Sarah Palin?  A better question would be why would Batman want to save Sarah Palin?

  • Tha_Watcher


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