Avatar Guy, Now With 1,000% More Ass-Tats

July 4, 2011


Note: Uncensored (and squeezable looking!) buttcheeks after the jump.

So yeah, Avatar tattoo guy decided to get some Na'vi (NOT navy) blue stripes flaming out from between his buttcheeks, because that's a good look for a crazy person. Personally, I would have opted for a permanent piece of toilet paper peepin' out the top of my crack, but I'm a prankster. "Psst, GW -- you have a little something sticking out of you underwear." HAHA, THE JOKE'S ON YOU -- IT'S A TATTOO!! Aaaaaaaaaand I really regret getting it. *eyeing finger-mustache*

Hit the jump and BUH-BWAM -- UNCENSORED MAN ASS.



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Thanks to Ickorus, who agrees there's never been a better time to sparkler your eyes out.

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