Artist Gets Raided By Secret Service For Apple Store 'People Staring At Computers' Project

July 7, 2011


25-year old artist Kyle MacDonald installed some rogue software on 100 computers in two Manhattan Apple stores. The software allowed the computers' webcams to take a picture every minute, and upload the picture to Kyle's server if there was a face detected. He then started a Tumblr blog with some of the choicer pictures. Unfortunately, nobody was picking boogies.

Over the course of the project, McDonald set up roughly 100 Apple store computers to call his servers every minute. That's a lot of network traffic, and he learned that Apple monitors traffic in its stores when he received a photo from a Cupertino computer of what appeared to be an Apple technician. The technician had apparently traced the traffic to the site McDonald used to upload the program to Apple Store computers -- and installed it himself.

McDonald figured that Apple had decided the program wasn't a big deal. That was until four Secret Service men in suits woke him up on Thursday morning with a search warrant for computer fraud. They confiscated two computers, an iPod and two flash drives, and told McDonald that Apple would contact him separately.

Whether you side with Apple/the government (which are practically the same!) or Kyle, you have to admit it's a shame more people don't flash their tits at random computers. Haha! *moons laptop forgetting I have a Skype window minimized*

Hit the jump for a video about the project and a link to his not-being-updated Tumblr with a couple pages of faces.

People Staring At Computers Tumblr
Apple Store Sets Secret Service on Spy Camera Artist [mashable]

Thanks to Peterman and Blaqk Panda, who don't stare at computers, computers stare at them. Damn you two are good lookin'!

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