A 45-Minute Tour Of Middle Earth In Minecraft

July 26, 2011



Want to watch a 45-minute guided tour of the Middle Earth a bunch of guys recreated in Minecraft? Haha, you already cancelled your Netflix subscription didn't you? I don't blame you. For busting ass in the elevator, yes. Plus I will never forgive. Or forget. What were we just talking about? "That time you busted ass in the elevator." Haha, I did do that, didn't I? Good times.

Hit the jump for the massive MASSIVE MASSIVE Middle Earth but damn is 45-minutes of those guys talking hard to bear (I skipped around for maybe five, tops).

Mind-blowing Middle-earth manufactured in Minecraft [joystiq]

Thanks to Emortal, who can't be killed, just like Gandolf. "But Gandolf can be killed." YOU SHUT YOUR STUPID MOUTH.

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