Death From Above: Jet Pilot Buzzes Crowd

June 9, 2011


Seen here trying to win an invisible limbo contest, an Argentinian jet pilot flies an FMA IA 63 Pampa (I would've called it the Puma) straight into a group of people. I'm genuinely surprised nobody got sucked into an engine, it was that close. Because one time I got sucked into cat-sitting for a neighbor that lives four houses down. Next time ask somebody you share a fence with, God! Anyway, I did get to try on a bunch of her bras and panties so it wasn't that bad. I think the cats even liked it. Didn't you, guys? "Meow." *flossing thong through buttcrack all sexy-like* "WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Oh God -- I thought you were at work!

Hit the jump for two videos: crowd's view and pilot's view.

Watch the Pilot's View of the Craziest Flyby Ever [gizmodo]

Thanks to jaime and Alfonso, who once flew a lollercopter straight into a crowd full of zombies. Heads rolled.

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