WTF?: The Race Car Game That's Played On A Single Piece Of Continually Printing Paper

June 20, 2011


This is a video of a little race car game where you try to avoid the sides of the road and other obstacles. It's played on a piece of continually printing paper that randomly generates the road as it goes. Not unlike real driving. HOLY SHIT THAT BIKE JUST CAME OUT OF NOWHERE.

The trio coded a game in openFrameworks, titled Receipt Racer, which uses a thermal receipt printer modded with a "light beamer" to display game info and represent a car, a DS3 to control it, and a laptop to connect the devices and run the software. A random track with obstacles gets rapidly printed while a player attempts to navigate it without crashing...

Nice guys, that sounds good and wasteful. *brrring, brrring* Hold on, phone. That was Captain Planet.*karate-kicking balls into stomach* He told me to give you that.

Hit the jump for the forest-decimating game being played.

Receipt Racer makes printing fun, wastes more paper than you ever thought possible [engadget]

Thanks to the TOASTer, who better stop burning my f***ing bagels.

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