WTF: A Trivia-Asking, Drink Dispensing Dress

June 29, 2011


Seen here looking like something I'd kill in a video game, a woman displays the DareDroid 2.0, an interactive dress that rewards 'Truth or Dare' participants with cocktails for "legitimate" answers and poison for "illegitimate" ones. Fine, I was lying about the poison thing. That would make it way more interesting though. What?! I'm desensitized, I have a hard time getting kicks anymore!

Me: Truth or dare?
You: Dare.
Me: I dare you to tell me I wouldn't shoot you.
You: You wouldn't shoo-- *BLAM! BLAM BLAM BLAM!*
Me: Truth or dare?
You: Truth.
Me: Have you ever seen so much of your own blood before?
You: I only see white.
Me: Does it have a beard? That might be God. Truth or dare?
You: Dare.
Me: Dare you to see how long you can wait before going to the hospital.

Hit the jump for several more shots and an explanatory video.





Futuristic Boozing from a Bio-Mechanical Cocktail Making Dress [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Terry, who only drinks Shirley Temples because he's a little tap-dancing girl. Ooooooor a recovering alcoholic, in which case, my bad.

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