Will You Be My...Companion? The Weighted Companion Cube Engagement Ring Box

June 3, 2011


I'm ready to take this relationship to the next test chamber.

Let's say you's in the loves with a special lil lady. And let's say she really digs the Portal (the game, not your b-hole -- run if it's your b-hole). The solution? A 'The Cake Is A Lie' t-shirt! An engagement ring in a custom-sculpted weighted companion cube box you made! Well that's just what DeviantARTist risu-san (aka Michael Karpinski) did back in 2009. That was even before Portal 2 came out and the same year I first kissed a girl. "But weren't you born in '81?" Yes. "So you were 28?" HIYO -- we've got a math wizard in the audience, everybody!

Hit the jump for a video of the box if you need to see a video of the box (you don't need to see a video of the box is the thing).

Michael's DeviantART

Thanks to Amber, who found her engagement ring in a Mario Kart question block. Equally impressive!

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