What If: Social Media Websites Were High School Stereotypes (SPOILER: This Maybe?)

June 2, 2011


Note: That isn't even the whole picture and I purposefully made it ultra-crappy quality so you'd have to click HERE to see the whole thing. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Jk jk, I just suck at Photoshop.

Ever wonder what particular stereotype a social media website would be if it were in high school? "F*** NO." Yeah me neither, that would be lame. *crumpling list of guesses* Now granted Geekologie isn't really a social media website, but since we're on the subject, I got to thinking about which one it would be. I'm leaning towards the smart, cool kid everyone respects plus gets made play from both the cheerleaders and band/drama ladies alike. "Special ed, hands down." Special ed -- that's ridiculous! *licking keyboard* CHEETOOOOOOOS!!

Class Of 2011: If Social Media Were a High School [flowtown] (where I go once a month!)

Thanks to Jess, who would be the substitute teacher that was way cooler than your regular one and would let you talk the whole period instead of doing your worksheets and then tell your teacher the mimeograph machine was broken (oldschool!).

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