What If: Mario Caught 2 Koopas Makin' Love?

June 17, 2011


Note: Video after the jump has some NSFW humping sounds, watch it with your ear to the speaker.

Ever wonder what kind of conversation might be had if Mario walked in on two koopas making sweet, reptilian love in the secret warp area of World 1-2? This kind. Maybe. Just sayin', turtles are so slow they probably wouldn't have even noticed until after Mario was already gone. Also -- is it true all female koopas are red and males are green? Because if so I may have had sex with a dude. "You mean a turtle?" No I mean a dude.

Hit the jump for the video. Also, for the very NSFW languaged 'Mario: Frustration' video because it will always be the best Mario video ever made.

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Mario Walks in on Some Hot Koopa Love in the Warp Zone [obviouswinner]

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