WANT: Top Secret Night-Vision Contacts

June 30, 2011


So apparently somebody started a rumor that the Navy SEALs that stormed Osama Bin Laden's compound were rocking night-vision contact lenses. Personally, I don't believe it. And not just because I know who started the rumor, but I do and he's a dirty liar PLUS I'VE SEEN HIM EAT WET CAT FOOD ON A BET. Per speculation:

The blink powered night vision contact lenses allow a person to see clearly in low- light environments by enhancing ambient light up to 200 per cent. These lenses use plasma technologies to eliminate the cumbersome and expensive image-intensification tubes used in convention night-vision goggles. The advantages of using the contact lenses above night-vision goggles are 1) full peripheral vision, 2) more comfortable interface, 3) a more cost-effective system, and 4) less disorientation with use.

As a lot of people have pointed out, the problem with night-vision contacts is what happens when somebody turns the lights on: you go blind. Unless, of course, the make-believe lenses can auto-adjust instantaneously. *eyeroll* Aaaaaaaand I just blinked a contact out on the bathroom floor. "Dammit GW -- are you blogging from the can again?" What -- It was a rough night!

Hi-Tech Night Vision on bin Laden Raid [kitup]
Are soldiers testing night vision contact lenses? [slashgear]

Thanks to Drake, who wants to be reincarnated as a cat so he can lick his own b-hole see in the dark.

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