Wait, What?!: VW's, Now With More Autopilot

June 24, 2011


So Volkswagen has just introduced a new autopilot feature that lets you take your hands off the wheel on the highway at speeds up to 80MPH because holy shit, you really wanna die.

The system pairs Lane Assist with cruise control, and can be overridden by the driver at any time. The TAP [Temporary Auto Pilot] system's Pilot Mode uses radar, laser, camera, and ultrasonic sensors to maintain a safe distance between vehicles, start and stop in traffic, and slow down before a bend. Speed is set by the driver, who you'll need to remain aware of your surroundings in case you need to take over control -- so don't get too comfortable poking around the menus on that AppRadio just yet.

Oh right, like people aren't gonna try to sleep with the thing on. And by sleep I mean have sex with the backseat. I think I've told you before but I saw a woman driving to work a couple months ago right in front of my house READING A BOOK AND EATING A BOWL OF CEREAL. Huh? Yes with liquid milk -- it was f***in' nuts! I tried yelling at her but she obviously couldn't hear me over her headphones.

Volkswagen Temporary Auto Pilot brings hands-free driving to the highway [engadget]

Thanks to Ferrous, who agrees this technology has existed forever: it's called your knee.

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