VW Is The Death Star To Our Alderaan: Greenpeace Spoofs Volkswagen Ad

June 29, 2011


After recently being named Europe's least green auto manufacturer (despite their new autopilot feature) and opposing new CO2 emission cuts, Volkswagen recently got their lil' Vader Superbowl commercial spoofed by Greenpeace in an effort to bring the company's Mother Nature hating ways to light (get it?! Like, not the dark side!). This is the result, in two parts. The first part is okay. The second part turns into a Star Wars dance party. And we all know how those end, don't we? "With a Wookie dry-humping an Ewok in a corner by the stage?" LOLWUT?! That sounds like one f*** of a Sadie Hawkins! "It was. They built up so much static electricity they set the entire gymnasium on fire." Mmmm, love the smell of burning hair at a dance.

Hit the jump for the vids, also IAM's 'l'empire du côté obscur', because it's the best Star Wars song ever made (in French, but I added a link to the translated lyrics so it's all good).

Worthwhile translated lyrics to the song above

Death Star Is a Volkswagen in Greenpeace Spoof Ad [wired]

Thanks to charlotte, dippy and Sean, who used to work on the Death Star and would take turns randomly shooting the laser into space. Wait -- WHAT?!

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