Unlimited Movie Theater Movies, $50/Month

June 29, 2011


Would you drop $50 a month to see as many movies in theaters as you wanted? MoviePass is hoping you will! Me? I don't like going to the movies. Something about sitting in the dark with a bunch of strangers makes me uneasy. I'm always afraid the person behind me is gonna stab me in the back with a dirty needle. That or talk the whole time.

Still in beta, MoviePass uses a web-based HTML 5 application to let users find the movie they'd like to see, and check with the theater. This allows them to skip the box office (or those e-tick machines) entirely, and go straight to the ticket-checker.

Users who sign up for the "unlimited" MoviePass can see an as many movies as they want for $50 a month. Imax and 3D movies will cost $3 extra per movie. And the company is currently preparing to launch a "limited pass," which allows subscribers four movies per month for $30.

Right now, only 21 San Francisco area theaters are on board. But the company plans to expand to other cities this summer, and hopes to have 40 percent of US theaters with their service by the time MoviePass goes national this fall.

Well -- would you go for it? Not gonna lie, I'm averaging about two movies a year so it's not for me. Unless -- UNLESS -- there's an all-you-can-eat concessions upgrade. Then I'd f***ing live there.

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Thanks to Bear, who once ate four packs of Sour Patch Kid Watermelons during the previews and ran through the movie screen.

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