University To Offer Masters, PhDs In Comics

June 8, 2011


I was originally gonna Photoshop some comic book panels onto a mortar board for the picture, but I'm pressed for time today so just imagine that in your head for a second before continuing. I did a pretty good job, right? Thanks.

Dundee University (which, before you ask, yes, was started by the famed Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin) will be offering a one-year Masters program in comic book studies through the English department beginning this fall. You hear that, my pile of worthless degrees? I hate you even more!

Graduates on the course will study the impact of comics on the worlds of art, literature and popular culture.

The university said students with an interest in the creative side of comics - as a writer or artist - would be able to enhance their practical skills, with workshops on script writing and artwork.

And a PhD in comic studies will also be available to those who have completed the MLitt course.

Dr Murray added: "Employability is an important consideration for any postgraduate programme, and it lies at the heart of what we aim to do with this course.

God knows anything will beat the countless hours of group projects, analysis and reports I had to endure getting my Masters. And now look at me -- I sit alone in the dark writing online about wieners. Damn, if Virginia Tech could see me now! They, uh, they'd probably ask for another alumni donation. I already told you -- I'm broke until after you name a building after me!

Dundee University launches degree in comic books [bbcnews]

Thanks to Andy, who has a degree in awesome from GW University. "George Washington?" No dummy -- mine.

  • Allen Cooper

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