Transform And Roll Out!: Hangar Garage Looks Inconspicuously Like Plain Ol' Back Of House

June 1, 2011


This is a garage that looks like the back of a house/barn until the door opens. And then, oh man, it's clearly a garage.

Usually, dream garages never become reality. It's rare to find someone with enough ambition and/or cash to make it happen, but credit one Florida couple for creating something remarkable: the Hangar Home.

Their house's rear facade doubles as a garage door that conceals a cavernous work and storage area, complete with a set of cushy-looking armchairs for when the weekend project is over.

Not bad. It certainly beats my garage, which is a parallel spot on the street. Under a tree. Shade, baby! Also: bird shit and pollen.

Hit the jump for a video of the door opening BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT DOORS DO. Unless it's mine, in which case it gets kicked down by junkies looking for something to steal.

Innovative Hangar Home conceals garage mahal [autoblog]

Thanks to Dean the Machine, who could be a Terminator but I'm really hoping is just a piece of exercise equipment.

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