To Weed Or Not To Weed?: Crazies To Dig Up Shakespeare's Body, See If He Smoked Herb

June 24, 2011


I'm digging the parachute shorts/tights combo, bro.

Seen here struttin' that ass at a Renaissance Festival, Shakespeare (personally, I shake a trident) nonchalantly carries his pipe behind a row of porta-potties to get a fix. Aaaaaaand now a group of nutjobs want to dig up and test his body (he's dead?!?!) to, among other things, verify he smoked weed. Yeaaaaaaaaah, how about we don't do any digging and just assume he did? Plus was a warlock that wrote with his penis. GO BIG OR GO HOME.

The team also looks to address a controversial suggestion Thackeray made a decade ago, when he examined a collection of two dozen pipes found in the playwright's garden and determined that Shakespeare was an avid marijuana smoker.

Thackeray claimed the devices were used to smoke cannabis, a plant actively cultivated in Britain at the time. The allegation has provoked disbelief and anger among some fans of the bard.

Prof. Stanley Wells, honorary president of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, told the Daily Mail, "I would be happy if they did open it up because it could put an end to a lot of fruitless speculation."

Hoho, sounds like we've got a little "yes he did/no he didn't" battle going on! That's...pretty sad. Who cares -- so we can add him to the 'famous people who smoked weed' list? That's booboo. As a matter of fact, I don't even know why I'm writing this except for the fact I took shots at lunch which seemed like a good idea at the time but in retrospect was a f***ing great one. *swinging beer bong like a lasso* Party time, PARTY TIME!

Did Shakespeare Smoke Weed? Let's Dig Him Up and Find Out [foxnews] (with a bunch more info, including the fact there's a curse on his grave)

Thanks to Ferris, who came up with the title so if you don't like it it's all his fault. If you do like it then it was a collaboration.

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