They're Stealing My Other Blocks!: Impressive 10,000-Piece, 3-Ft R/C LEGO Sandcrawler

June 3, 2011


Jawas: hands down the best characters in the Star Wars universe. "But what about the Bothans?" The Bothans?! They're only good at dying! Anyway, the Jawas: they're small enough to fit into cupboards, have glowing eyes, and are all-around shifty as gypsies. Is gypsies a derogatory term? I apologize if it is, but a family of them did offer me a set of pots and pans for my dog once. I should've taken it. Marshal Banana made this 10,000 piece LEGO Sandcrawler to celebrate my favorite lilliputian Star Wars race.

Marshal really decked this thing out, springing for lights and working treads. With his remote control he can move it forward and backward with full steering, raise and lower the front ramp, operate the craft's crane (revealed when the ramp lowers) and even turn on the interior conveyor belt.

Admittedly, it did turn out better than the 80-piece LEGO house I built. Yeah, its roof collapsed and killed the entire family of minifigs that were squatting in it. I warned them I wasn't a very good architect, but did they listen? Nooooooooo, they just sat there eating little LEGO block-nubbins until, CRASH -- death from above. I buried them in the backyard. Or did I? I didn't. I lathered them in peanut butter and fed them to my dog piece by piece. Let that be a lesson -- you don't listen to me, and you wind up in a pile of dog shit.

Hit the jump for a ton more pictures and a video of the crawler's R/C features in action.









Marshal's Flickr
(with several more worthwhile shots)
10,000-piece Lego Sandcrawler features working crane and ramp [dvice]

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