Libyan Truck-Mounted Tank Cannon: Now With More Truck-Mounted Weapon Friends

June 15, 2011


Geekologie Reader and photojournalist with balls at least 5x the international average (and 8x that of Geekologie Readers), David Adams was actually in Libya for the Battle of Sfett Hill (of trunk-tank fame), and took a bunch more footage of the fighting (and makeshift weapons used). It, uh, really makes me thankful to be sitting in a quiet, florescent-lighted office.

This battle took place on 6/6/11. The rebels from Qalaa and Zintan were successful in removing Gaddafi forces from Sffet Hill. The rebels use many makeshift weapons to get the job done.

One of the more interesting weapons I've heard about, but haven't seen yet, is a 14.5mm gun with two grad rocket tubes mounted on the side.

Also, I had to take a pee break in the middle of the fight. sorry.

Video by Colin Summers and David Adams. Colin used a GOPRO mounted on his nikon while I used a canon 7d for video.

Not gonna lie, David, I would've just pissed my pants. And not because I'm some sort of hardcore photojournalist afraid of missing a moment on film, but because I would've just been pissing my pants in fear the entire time. And crying. Lots of crying. HARD.

Hit the jump for the holy smokes.

David's Blog

Thanks David, keep up the ballsy work.

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