The Paper-Caped Crusader: Origami Batman

June 17, 2011


Brian Chan, an origami enthusiast best known for his takes on Iron Man, WALL-E, the Montauk Monster, and just being an all around paper-folding badass (yes, those exist) created this paper Batman forever (get it? Like that 1995 turd 'Batman Forever'!) ago, buuuuuuut I'd never seen them so here they are. Pretty sweet, right? "Meh, I could do better." Could you? Everybody else -- raise your hand if you think Trolly McVainexistence here could fold a better Batman. You see that? Not a single person, including your own mother. "HE'S A DIRTY TROLL AND HIS FATHER AND I WANT HIM OUT OF OUR HOUSE FOR GOOD." Oh shit -- those are crying words!

Hit the jump for one more.


Brian's Website (with a bunch more origami and other art)
Batman Origami Figure [walyou]

Thanks Nathan, here's a little paper sheriff's badge I made for you. Be my deputy?

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