The Other Special Ed. Mario Converse Chucks

June 17, 2011


Special EDITION.

We saw the first two designs of the special edition release of Mario/Converse Chuck Taylors back in this post, and here are the other two designs (scheduled to drop in August). The first is of a Mario overworld scene, the second is of the final boss battle with Bowser. Both contain hidden images on the inside of the ankle-part. Personally, I'm not into novelty shoes, but that's because I only wear flip-flops. And not the expensive kind either -- the cheap rubber ones you can buy at the grocery store where if the little thong button pops out you can just jam it back in with a finger. You know, like the ones Jesus used to wear. "Jesus never wore those." HA -- how would you know, have you met him? "No, but I talk to him in prayer." And you asked about his shoes?!?!

Hit the jump for the other pair.


Converse x Super Mario Bros. Chuck Taylor Hi - Part 2 [highsnobbery]

Thanks to britbrit, who only wears lil pink shoes because she knows what she likes (and she likes 'lil pink shoes).

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