The Ol' "3-D Pit Illusion" Painted On Sidewalk

June 10, 2011



3-D illusion artist Erik Johansson (not to be confused with Edward Mueller or Julian Beever, who do the same thing) painted this illusion in Stockholm at Sergels torg. It's called 'Mind your step', and appears (from a single angle anyway) to be...A PIT OF DESPAIR. Well, at least until a group of assholes march across the thing like they do in the video. No, really, thanks a lot guys, THANKS FOR RUINING MY VACATION. Reminds me of the video of me at the zoo as a kid. You know, the one with a giraffe in the background RUBBING HIS GIANT ALIEN WIENER AGAINST THE FENCE. "To completion?!" You're sick. (Yes to completion!)

Hit the jump for a video of the the thing and the 'Leap of Faith' scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade BECAUSE IT'S APPROPRIATE.


Thanks to Jordan, who once jumped a volcano on a dirt bike. Bitchin' brah.

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