SWITL Magic Condiment Picker-Upper: Now With More Convincing Video Footage

June 16, 2011


Remember the SWITL magical condiment picker-upper that looked way too good to not be footage from the future? Well here's a demo of the the thing at Japan's recent Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition (FOOMA -- NOT FOOPA) that should finally put the "it's just the same footage played in reverse!" asshats to rest. Plus hopefully kill them. Per dude in the video:

The SWITL sheet is wrapped around a sliding plate, and it's fixed at one side while the plate moves, so items can be loaded and unloaded without altering relative positions. Currently, the sheet is made of Teflon.

BA-BOOSH, the magic is real! Also: my penis. "Really? Because it looks like two feet of garden hose hose stapled to a belt." Oh right -- like you've never seen a naked man before!

Hit the jump for the magic in action.

Is This Even Real? [npr]

Thanks to Shane, who picks up condiments the way God intended: with a piece of torn-off hamburger bun. Amen to that!

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