The Keys Of Supercars: A Visual Comparison (Of Things You'll Never Hold)

June 23, 2011


Supercars: they're sharp looking, expensive as all hell, and they go fast. Plus they come with keys to make them start. A lot of them are fancy. The screwdriver I use to start my Explorer? Not so much. Kidding, that shit is Craftsman, son -- GUARANTEED FOR LIFE! Now, not to brag or anything, but I actually did have the opportunity to drive a new Ferrari 599 recently and let me tell you: that thing handled like a f***in' dream. Literally, because it was one. A wet one.

I posted pictures of the other four after the jump, but make sure to hit the link at the bottom if you want to read a little review about each one.





Supercars in detail: we compare supercar keys [carmagazine]

Thanks to Macca, who refuses to drive anything but the women wild.

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