Death Star Commander Moff Tarkin Gets The Creepy As #$&% Silicon Bust(!!!!1) Treatment

June 1, 2011


This is an ultra-realistic bust of Grand Moff Tarkin from the first Star Wars movie lovingly creepycrafted by effects artist/sculptor Jordu Schell. Speaking of Grand Moffs -- I watched an old 70's porno over the weekend. You should've seen the bushes on these dudes -- one guy had to pin his shit back with bobby pins! Grand Moff Tarkin is not to confused with Admiral Motti, who Vader famously Force-chokes after finding his lack of faith disturbing. Tarkin IS the one that tells Vader to stop before he chokes him out though, and Vader listens. What a little bitch! All the while you think he's some badass, but in reality he's taking orders from multiple grampas and gettin' all emotional about being such a deadbeat dad. YOU DUN GOOFED, VAJAYDER! *spits into respirator*

Hit the jump for a whole bunch pictures of the realer than real, including one of the artist with his creation.








Schell Studio (with a boatload more amazing work)
Incredibly realistic Grand Mof Tarkin Bust [theswedishbed]

Thanks to Pesh, who once Force-choked down a second helping of lasagna even though he was already full.

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