Steve Wozniak: Humans Will Be Robot Pets

June 6, 2011


Seen here laying down some fresh beats, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak believes we've already lost the war on robotics and humans will be little more more than robots' pets (read: sex slaves) in the future. Wonderful, wonderful news. *chugging the Kool-Aid*

"We're already creating the superior beings, I think we lost the battle to the machines long ago," he said.

"We're going to become the pets, the dogs of the house."

He said all of a sudden, true artificial intelligence will creep up on mankind like an accident.

"Every time we create new technology we're creating stuff to do the work we used to do and we're making ourselves less meaningful, less relevant.

Oh thanks Woz -- like I wasn't feeling insignificant enough. I could probably slip and drown in the shower and nobody would even care. "Your roommate will probably be pissed about the water bill." NOBODY LOVES ME.

Humans become 'pets' in rise of the machines: Apple co-founder [brisbanetimes]

Thanks to Andrew, who can and will pee on the carpet.

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