Steve Jobs Unveils New Apple Headquarters

June 8, 2011



Steve Jobs, best known for starting or whatever, has unveiled a new corporate headquarters for his company in Cupertino, CA that looks suspiciously like the One Ring. What? I can ready Elvish! It reads, "I faked my own death." I KNEW IT!!

As you can see from the image above, the campus resembles a spaceship. The entire campus will be one huge round building with a courtyard in the middle. The building itself will be four stories tall, and Apple plans to re-landscape the current area to include 6000 trees. A natural gas energy center will be on-campus to power the new building, and Apple will only rely on California's power grid as a backup.

Speaking to the City Council, Steve Jobs described the new campus (as transcribed by MacRumors): "It's a pretty amazing building. It's a little like a spaceship landed. It's got this gorgeous courtyard in the middle... It's a circle. It's curved all the way around. If you build things, this is not the cheapest way to build something. There is not a straight piece of glass in this building. It's all curved. We've used our experience making retail buildings all over the world now, and we know how to make the biggest pieces of glass in the world for architectural use. And, we want to make the glass specifically for this building here. We can make it curve all the way around the building... It's pretty cool."

Geez, enough about the glass, Steve -- keep your see-thru fetish to yourself. So yeah, a new Apple headquarters that looks like a big round spaceship. I'm actually surprised they didn't design it to look like the Apple logo, but not really because they don't pay me the big bucks to come up with brilliant ideas. THAT 'LIL STEM BIT COULD'VE BEEN YOUR OFFICE, STEVE!

Hit the jump for a blankblank video of Steve proposing the building to the city council of Cupertino.

Steve Jobs unveils new Apple campus that literally looks like a mothership [tuaw]

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