Slo-Motion Cymbal Crash Shot At 1,000 FPS

June 29, 2011


I'm pretty sure I knew cymbals actually had some motion to them when struck, but nothing like this. This is like...the motion of the ocean. My stomach wouldn't even move that much if you punched me as hard as you could. Yes, yes it would. No lie: I got into a fight in eighth grade and that shit's still moving. You throw a kid on my stomach with some water-wings and they'd swear they were in a wave pool. I'm fat and rolly, folks.

Hit the jump for the video, along with one of a puppy shaking, an oil drum getting pummeled with a sledgehammer, and a preview of a bunch more shot by the same people.


Thanks to Peterman, half Peter, half man, 100% werewolf or something.

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