Simple Enough: Date Stapler Staples & Dates

June 22, 2011


The conceptual Date Stapler by Gonglue Jiang staples and dates your papers so you know exactly what day they were collated because you're OCD. *eying document* Oooooh, 2008 -- that was a great year for paper. *nibbling corner* "Are you...eating my report?" Ha -- am I eating your report? No jackass, I'm copying my ass for the third time today YES I'M EATING YOUR REPORT. *savoring coffee ring*

Staple by the Date [yankodesign]
Date Stapler is a beautiful mashup of a date stamp and a stapler [dvice]

Thanks to Kelly, who actually dated a stapler once despite her company's policy on office romances. Well, that and the fact IT WAS A STAPLER (you're sick and you need to get better).

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