Scientists Develop Acoustic Invisibility Cloak

June 28, 2011


Note: Picture only moderately related -- my patented optical invisibility cloak.

Researchers at Duke University have developed an acoustic 'invisibility' cloak that can effectively hide an object from sound-based detection systems. The cloak holds promise for the future of stealth technology and, God willing, crying babies.

This device consists of stacked sheets of plastic peppered with holes, whose arrangement and size redirects sound waves, BBC News reports. The device resonates at frequencies that either absorb or reflect sound waves, so it both blocks and contains them -- anything underneath the stack would not hear sound, and sound waves could not be used to locate something coated with the stack.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? They need to make airport bathroom stalls out of this stuff! Just sayin', you know how many times I've been sitting on the john during a layover while some businessman IS WAGING A DEAFENING SHITSTORM in the stall next to me? Every single one. Twice it was so bad I got pukey.

Acoustic Invisibility Cloak Makes Objects Unhearable [foxnews]

Thanks to FloorMatt, who doesn't mind getting walked all over provided he sees up a couple skirts.

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