Safety Second: Tank Turret Welded To Truck

June 14, 2011


Please tell me you engaged the emergency brake this time.

Libyan rebels, best known for having their plutonium stolen from them by Doc Brown to power the time machine (jk, those were terrorists, not rebels), are back at it, this time welding a tank turret to a pickup truck and firing it. Not gonna lie, I wouldn't want to be the one standing behind that thing when it goes off. Or beside it. Ooooooooor in front of it. Basically what I'm saying is nowhere is safe when you're dealing with a homemade tank.

Hit the jump for the 'admittedly, I would still drive that' in action.

Crazily Brilliant Libyan Rebels Weld Tank Turret to Truck (And It Works!) [gizmodo]

Thanks to Thomas, who once duct-taped a bb-gun to the handlebars of his bike and got grounded for a month.

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