Sadness: Shoebox iPad Concert Diorama

June 15, 2011


Concerts: they're expensive, and a lot of times security will still try to kick you out for smoking weed. Thankfully, intrepid Geekologie Reader Gary Katz (best known for his Apple Store diorama and visual history of Apple products -- I think he might be a fanboy) came up with a solution. A sad as shit solution, but a solution: the shoebox iPad concert diorama. Basically you take a shoebox, add an iPad playing your favorite concert and a couple of rows of cut-out concert goers, and PRESTO, it's like being right there. No, no it's not. But it is like watching a concert on an iPad through two holes you cut in a shoebox. Which -- could it get any better? Only if you're wearing a vintage concert tee!

Hit the jump for the concert in progress and a brief tutorial of how to make your own.

The iPad Concert Theater [macmd] (Gary's blog)

Thanks Gary, not to brag or anything but I once made an Easter candy diorama in a giant sugar egg and got 4th place in my Sunday School class! Also, brutal diarrhea after eating the whole thing on the way home.

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