Robot Hands: They're Better Than Yours

June 15, 2011


This is a video demonstrating just how well robotic hands can do things like 1. dribble a ball 2. throw a ball 3. throw and catch a cell phone 4. making me a piddle a little because I haven't gone to the bathroom since waking up 5. tie a knot 6. spin pens between their fingers and 7. pick up thing with tweezers. It shows some of the same footage as this video from 2009, but with a bunch of new stuff as well. I highly recommend watching the first 0:25 and then skipping around to see just what they're capable of. It's...unsettling. Like *spit-take* finding a f***ing bug in your morning coffee! *smashing* YOU'LL NEVER STEAL MY SECRETS, COMMIES!

Hit the jump for 3:00 of unarguably disturbing footage.


Thanks to Lori, karsten and David, who all agree robots shouldn't even have hands. Or guns. Or any moving parts. Basically they should just be refrigerator magnets.

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